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The island of the Sun is definitely the main tourist attraction of the area and can be reached by boat in about two hours from Copacabana. The legend tells, that the founders of the inkan culture, Manko Kapac and Mama Ochleo flew over the lake and when they saw the island of the Sun, they decided to settle there. You will find two sets of ruins on the island dating back from those days, but the main attractions are surely the superb landscapes with there variety off bays and peninsulas placed into the deep blue waters of the lake.

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For tickets to the islands

We recommend the agency "UNION MARINOS"- located down on the beach at the bottom of 6 of August Street. The agency offers quality sevices to the island at verry reasolnable prices.

Regular tickets to the Island of the Sun:

  • South 30 Bs
  • North and South 40 Bs
  • Island of the Moon 40 Bs
  • Floting islands 20 Bs

Private boats:

The island of the Sun

  • Sun south 500 Bs
  • Sun north and south 700 Bs
  • Moon Island 700 Bs
  • Floting Island 150 Bs

You can buy the tickets on the beach or reserve at: +(591) 71988988 and +(591) 79533900.

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